Frequently Asked Questions

At HWA LI DESIGN, we like to establish a transparent and pleasant working relationship with our clients. We are happy to address your concerns and provide an array of creative approaches to assist you.

1) What is the HWA LI’s Design service commitment in the interior design and renovation project?

Our employees have completed the courses and acquired the knowledge for renovation in accordance with all housing policies, adhering to the guidelines and safety requirements of your environment. All necessary applications from HDB or commercial renovation work will be well taken care of by our team within a permitted timeline and daily working hours.

We have experienced partners for flooring and selective on the type of proven contractors in assisting us in the completion of the projects; in homes, offices and retail projects. From inception to installation, we have a work flow chart and processes that we will collaborate with you to meet your needs yet with a peace of mind in meeting your expectations in the renovation. HWA LI is an approved and listed company on the HDB directory of contractors for homes.

2) What are the types of design styles that HWA LI provides?

Our design styles are customized to meet the personalized requirements and lifestyles of everyone that will be inhabiting your space. Themes and colors are selected along with your furniture design to create a seamless look that brings out your desired feel by the end of the project. We will provide much advice and explore it with you on the journey.

3) How do we collaborate with the customers in the project?

We provide our customers with a preliminary questionnaire so we can get an understanding of your needs. The answers you provide us will be discussed, and this conversation will be helpful in planning the design of your space. We work with you throughout the process so we can help to elevate your lifestyles while facilitating your daily activities and needs.

All the information collected from this questionnaire will be essential in the conceptualizing of the theme (designs, colors), fixtures (size and choice of materials), appliances and space planning of the environment.

Most importantly, we will work in accordance with your predetermined budget and give ample advice on how much you should allocate to each zone or fixture within your whole space.

4) What does the costs involved in my renovation job cover; materials and labour planning in each requirement?

We will provide the following in the quotation of the project: workman labor, materials planning, and installation as well. This will be subject to the requirements as specified by the customer and may vary depending on what our customers require.

Areas of work: Flooring, Ceiling, Windows, Wall Fixtures, Lighting, Electrical, etc.
Materials Chosen, number of fixtures, dimensions of the storage space as per the home appliance requirements which are needed by homeowners.

We believe in being transparent with our clients throughout the entire process, therefore all costing information is shared with our clients so that we may get your approval while working out the renovation amount.

5) Will I be able to get an indication of what my home design will look like before we proceed with the renovation job?

We will offer a three-dimensional rendering of the interior design in accordance to the theme and requirements specified by you. At this stage, we will be able to explore any concerns regarding your final design. This is to give you a clearer picture of your final space, give you confidence and peace of mind while working with our team.

6) What is the expected timeline of completion of your home renovation projects? How do you receive your updates?

Upon confirmation of the project, we will brief you on the application process, including information on the relevant authorities or building management we will need to seek approval from as well as the materials planning. This will help us to plan a detailed timeline from the start date to completion.

Depending on the scale of your project and the specific requirements, it may take between 6-8 weeks. Large scale projects will require a longer period of completion. We will invite you on-site when we begin the project and progressively as we move through the rest of the stages as well.

7) What is the warranty period on your workmanship? What happens if something breaks and needs fixing?

We provide a workmanship warranty of 2 years that covers manufacturing faults and defects. For example, wooden fixtures that loosen due to hinge issues or other defects. General wear and tear issues are not covered by this warranty.

8) How do we collect payment from clients and safeguard our client’s interests?

We will collect a deposit from you upon confirmation of the project. Then we will progressively collect payment upon completion of each phase of the project. We accept cheque payments and bank transfer payment to our company bank account only. We notify our clients of the progressive payments 3 days in advance before the next phase of the project begins. We would like to establish a trusted relationship with our clients to ensure that the project is completed successfully without delay or losses to both parties.