Our Services


Idea Generation

We always begin the idea generation process by finding out the details of your personal preferences in design and colour before moving on to the unique elements of your lifestyle such as your profession, hobbies, family needs and so on.

This helps us define and identify design styles and practical functions that would best compliment you and your home. This is because your furniture and equipment will occupy each area of your home and affect the whole feel of the space.

It is important for a space to feel roomy while balancing symmetry and space for your home decor, so we encourage our clients to utilise wall spaces to add to the overall theme of their home. And for all pet owners, fret not. We understand that your pets are an important part of your family unit as well, so it’s only natural that we take them into consideration when designing your home as well!

Once all the designs have been approved, our designer draws up a plan detailing the various zones within the space and the activities that will take place in each of these zones. The space plan will also define, circulation patterns which are patterns that show how people will move through this space.

Following this, we conduct a site assessment, which is an integral step in the design and construction process. This is where we determine the next set of potential designs which includes add-on structures that may be affected by extenuating factors such as electrical and building regulations.

Design Concept Development

With the collection of personal data and site assessment, we digested the details for the birth of the design concept. Can a space turn into a multi-function room? Can the furniture be shifted and a whole new look takes place within seconds? What are the most important activities required by our clients? Space planning is a fundamental element but yet it ignites creativity of how a space could be utilised and how each zone serve its purposes.

Design themes are recommended based on clients preferences as individual has its likes in outlook, shapes and colours in each space. This phase includes of material selection that will affect the seamless feel of the whole unit while each zone serve its effects for one’s aspiration for work, life and entertainment. Material affects the whole outlook and possible matching effect from different fixtures.

Matching up with that desired look requires much thought and how appliances, furniture and equipment could be displayed or hidden within the concept. The plan is finished by adding details of all the furniture, equipment and hardware placement within the design.

Reviewing with a 3D rendering effect helps in exploring further or final design for next implementation phase

Budgetary control and costing methods are almost complete in this phase in evaluating the project.

Project Management

Applications for permits on building works, phases of demolition, cement works, piping, electrical, painting and wall fixtures are the typical scheduling sequence that will affect the next phase of work and the final completion. This allows us to perform an organised job with quality workmanship while avoiding any damage to new or existing structures.

With over 2 decades of experience in renovation work, our team is able to identify the potential challenges and plan the necessary deadlines to ensure that the project commits to its timeline for the punctual handover of the final space to our clients.

At each step of the way, our work progresses with our customers. For instance, before we start on any construction work, we speak with our customers again to identify their chosen materials for the project. We also make an extra effort to conduct regular checks to ensure our customers are satisfied with the final result.

Checks and run of electrical points, pipes, cabling trunks and so on are to ensure that the place is ready for appliance and equipment use after handover are conducted. A chemical wash of the whole area and touch up is then carried out as the last phase of the process before handover.

Work Completion

Before we invite our customers to the final assessment, we will conduct a check of the workmanships and determine if there are any defects that require rectifying. Then, we walk our clients through the site and prepare them for the handover by listing the details surrounding the project along with an extensive description of the work carried out in an agreement contract.

At this exciting stage, we help our clients take photos of the newly completed space to hold onto as a keepsake. Finally, our clients are able to move on to their next milestone in life. Creating living spaces that enhance our clients’ daily lives and redefine their relationships is what we always aim to achieve.